Thermal Imaging

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Thermal Imaging is a non-destructive method of quickly and accurately testing buildings and other structures for energy loss. Thermal imaging uses the infra-red light spectrum to detect what the naked eye cannot, highlighting variations in the surface temperature of just about anything. 


Identified variations, like those shown, are reported and highlighted in a detailed report for our clients.


All thermal imaging inspections are available as a standalone service or may be incorporated into your energy efficiency inspection at an additional charge.


Our Infraspection Institute qualified and CITA (Certified Infrared Thermographers Association) registered Thermographers use high specification thermal imaging equipment to inspect and report on drafts, moisture and missing, poorly installed or compromised insulation, in your premises. 

Here are some examples:-

  • Image 1 -  Shows a significant temperature variation (in yellow) across the top of this internal wall. Is there sun hitting the external wall? Has insulation been missed? Further investigation is certainly required before a definitive conclusion can be drawn.

  • Image 2 - Shows a significant temperature variation (in dark blue) at the bottom of the door, indicating cold air being drawn into a warm room from an unheated room.

  • Image 3 - Shows a colder area (blue/green)  on the corner of this refrigeration device, closer inspection revealed this section of the seal was missing.


Thermal imaging is also used to check for electrical, underfloor heating and other internal and external issues.


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