Independent Product Selection Advice

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Are you...

Replacing appliances, renovating, building or updating?

Looking to reduce costs with energy efficient purchases?

Would you ...

Like to know what's the most energy efficient with the best returns?

Do you know ...

What your purchase really costs once you factor in run costs?

What options you have?

Which to choose and why?

Where to find additional professional advice?

Whether the salesperson has your best interests in mind?

We do!

It makes sense to ensure your new investment is going to do the job you expect it to, without spending valuable time researching what we already know.  We offer independent energy saving advice for your needs, including:-

  • Appliances (domestic & commercial)

  • Building materials, products and fittings

  • Double glazing solutions 

  • Cooling & Heating including Under Floor and Hydronic

  • Hot Water Systems

  • Pool equipment and more ...

How does it work?

Great question. Call and let us know what you're up to, and we'll recommend an approach and price to suit.