What We Do 

Implementation Planning

We're here to make your energy saving decisions easy  - simple as that! 

Straightforward, independent and professional services, for less than you might think. 


Our services include:-

  • Energy Audits/Assessments ideal for:- 

    • existing property owners and small businesses wishing to minimise energy loss and maximise their time, savings and comfort.

  • Tour an Energy Efficient Home ideal for:-

    • anyone building a new home or extension and would like to experience passive and other energy saving and sustainable features first hand.

    • anyone buying a home to learn about the energy-saving features to look for, those to avoid, and what to your building inspector should add to their checklist.

  • Standalone Thermographic Inspections - ideal for refrigerated transport and storage businesses, new home builders and owners to verify air tightness and quality check insulation installation. 

  • Co-ordination of Remediation Work  -  ideal for busy professionals after a no/ low-stress approach where we manage the supply and install of energy saving solutions on your behalf.

Wouldn't you like to:-

  • STAY warmer in winter and cooler in summer?

  • Consume LESS energy?

  • LOWER your energy bills?

  • MAXIMIZE your solar returns?

  • Ensure you BUILD, BUY and RENOVATE for low energy bills and comfort?