ESME "Energy Master" Audits

If you're after energy savings,  our team of trained energy assessors are ready to help you.  After a quick chat to understand your needs and concerns, our "ESME ENERGY MASTER" package is tailored to include a selection of some or all of the following components to meet your individual requirements. 



  • Energy 101. Providing useful information around energy principles and concepts.

  • Bill analysis.  Explaining what it all means and how it compares.

  • Consumption analysis. Examination of usage patterns and appliances.

  • Visual inspection. Room by room examination for thermal performance.

  • Visual roof and ceiling insulation inspection.

  • Visual underfloor insulation inspection.

  • Thermal imaging for airtightness, moisture and missing or compromised ceiling and wall insulation.

  • Blower Door testing for air tightness and air quality (coming soon).

  • Report. A comprehensive easy to read report identifying your energy saving opportunities with recommended solutions and estimated timed return on investment.

  • Quotations to conduct specified remediation work.

  • Draft proofing. Professional draft proofing can be arranged and is charged at very reasonable rates of $45/hour plus materials.

  • Energy Saving Products. Where suited, small energy saving products may be purchased and installed.



 Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of your premises as well as the energy saver options chosen and includes travel up to 30 minutes each way.  Additional travel time is charged at $35 per hour.

50% payment is required at the time of booking with the balance of payment due on receipt of your report.   

A formal quotation is provided for all "Energy Master" Assessments.

Please contact us for full appointment booking and payment options.

Contact us today to tailor a plan for you.

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