Energy Audits

An energy audit gives you peace of mind and an energy saving strategy for the future.  

In a nutshell, our Energy Efficiency Audits:-

E  valuate your bills, premises, appliances, usage patterns

S  ummarise our findings and recommend tailored cost-effective solutions in a professional report (some content is shown right)

M  ake good any remediation work you choose, so YOU may 

E njoy your new found comfort and savings.


We also provide, and recommend where applicable:-

  • performance evaluation of your existing solar

  • Thermal Imaging

Your detailed report will guide your energy saving choices now and into the future. 

E.g. Solar and battery storage solutions are a terrific, but expensive, long-term solutions, and if your premises are not thermally efficient, you could:-

  • be spending significantly more than you need on your solar solution, and/or

  • or not achieving your targeted return on investment in the timeframe you expect


Beginning your energy saving journey with an independent  Energy Efficiency Inspection & Report (audit)makes sense. Here's how we do it:-


Step 1 - We get a solid understanding of you, your premises and your needs.

Step 2 -We conduct a  visual inspection of your premises, your bills,  your usage patterns, and appliances. 

Step 3 -We go back to our office and analyse the information collected.

Step 4 -We write your report containing:-

  • A summary of what's good, what's not and what you'll save

  • Your top low/no cost  energy saving solutions

  • Your top energy saving investments

  • Recommended solutions, their costs and payback periods

  • Links to additional energy saving resources,

  • PLUS many other references, checklists and factsheets.


Step 5 - If you choose, we will obtain detailed quotations and coordinate any additional remediation work with our preferred trades and suppliers.




Woman in an Office
thermal imaging for drafts
Thermal Imaging walls for energy loss


Energy Audit Est. Savings

On average, our audits are finding total est. savings of around  40%.


That's $1,600 a year for a quarterly bill of  $1000, or a giant  $8,000 over five years


Ideal for those embarking on an energy-saving journey and wishing to maximise returns on energy saving investments.