Energy education 



An educational tour packed with practical advice and energy saving features demonstrated to help ensure your next home purchase, build or renovation is a highly energy efficient.


A must for all who are:-

  • thinking of buying your next home, or building and not engaging a sustainable architect.

  • just curious 




 Energy Efficiency 


energy efficiency

inspection & report


A comprehensive energy audit and report to AS/NZS 3598  commercial audit standards. 


A must for all savvy property owners looking to optimise their energy-saving opportunities and maximise their investment dollar.


We investigate, analyse & report on what's good, what's not so good, and give you detailed advice about what can be done.

We look at:-

  • energy costs

  • building performance

  • appliances and

  • usage patterns.


Additional services include:-

  • Assessment of Solar Performance

  • Thermal Imaging, and other

  • advisory services  





ESME Advisory Services

Our trained professional team has a broad range of skills and expertise to help you. If you need to know, we'll you find the answers and get your job done.


We will:-  

  • assess your solar

  • improve your NaTHERS star rating

  • conduct thermal imaging 

  • draftproof your property

  • guide your choices toward the most  energy-saving appliances and products e.g. windows & films, hot Water Services




Woman in an Office
thermal imaging for drafts
Thermal Imaging walls for energy loss

Switched energy provider yet?

Most folk don't  and pay for it!

We're saving our clients an average of  16% by swithching electricty provider alone. That's $640 a year on bill of $1000 / quarter!


Great rates!

Super discount!

No trickery - guaranteed!  

Like to find out how?



Woman in an Office
thermal imaging for drafts
Thermal Imaging walls for energy loss