Building Advice

A must for anyone contemplating buying, building or renovating a home.

  • Curious about energy efficient homes?

  • Too hot in summer - too cold in winter?

  • Building a new home or extending?

  • Buying your next home?

  • Renovating?


Come and talk with us before your project starts, and if you have already begun there's still plenty of help we can offer.

In 2015, Kathy "owner built" an 8 star off-grid passive home and uses that to help demonstrate energy-efficient principles first hand!  She project-managed trades and material purchases, researched and selected the features, materials and construction methods that make this home perform as well as it does.

The home can see:-

  • uses 3/4's * less energy than other homes

  • maintains a winter temp of 16 or more (no heating)

  • maintains a summer temp of 26 or less (no cooling)

  • an extensive range of passive and sustainable building features

  • runs totally on solar (with off-grid battery storage)

  • cost under $1800/m2 to build including off-grid solar, water & septic.  


 Come and visit! We'll share our knowledge while you experience a bunch of energy-saving features first hand.


*  Sourced from AER benchmark data for homes in areas with a postcode of  5052, 5152 and 5157, with 2 to 4 people, no pool, no mains gas, giving consumption comparison of 16 – 22 kWh per day.