ESME "Smart Start" Energy Assessment

An ESME "Smart Start" Energy Assesment, delivers an economical walk-through style evaluation of your premises and provides energy-saving advice and tips specific to your premises.


This assessment is one of our three key offerings and is ideal for thrifty property owners looking for general guidance as they embark on their energy saving journey.


Includes a visual assessment with on the spot advice and energy saving tips for:-

  • your energy bill & how to reduce it

  • improving winter/summer comfort

  • appliance efficiency

  • usage advice

  • the best sources of additional information 


Beginning your energy saving journey with an independent  ESME "Smart Start" energy assessment just makes good sense. 


Here's how we do it:-


Step 1 - We sit with you and advise about energy bills and introduce some energy saving concepts

Step 2 -We conduct a  visual inspection of your premises and appliances while asking you some questions. We may also take some photos if we encounter something new or unusual.

Step 3 -We calculate your primary sources of energy use & offer advice.

Step 4 -We leave you with a clear understanding of your bill and your best options to reduce energy consumption. We also provide you with approximate appliance consumption cost, relevant fact sheets and links to additional energy saving resources, plus other special services as required.

Step 5 - If you then wish to undertake a full ESME Energy Master assessment, to gain a comprehensive understanding of exactly how to optimise your energy-saving opportunities and investment dollar, we'll give you a $25 credit with every booking made within 3 months of your "Smart Start" assessment.




Energy Audit Summary

Informative, value-packed and personalised. Ideal for those embarking on their energy saving journey. On average, we find savings of around  40% of our clients' energy bill. That's $600 pa for a bill of $1500, or $3000 over five years.  Inclusions:-

  • Travel 

  • Energy fact sheets

  • Recommendations