A Better Energy Deal

We've teamed up with a local independent Energy Broker to offer you great energy saving electricity and gas deals.

Why us?

  • You save you valuable time, energy and money.

  • We're 100% independent which means we won't recommend a deal based on our income from the retailer.

  • We are not paid by the energy company, so can offer you better energy deals than the retailers call centre and other comparison sites.

  • We have exclusive energy deals.

  • Great market rates with well-known retailers

  • Even better discounts, and

  • No trickery - guaranteed!


Our offers are not available on the open market and if you can find a better current deal, we'll refund our fee.  We're currently averaging a savings of 17% per bill, with the best being 28%.


What have you got to lose?

It's so easy,  just email your bill and then decide.


Here's how it works

  • Email us a recent electricity (and gas if connected) bill.
    You're welcome to redact your address for privacy,  that's fine by us, but rest assured, all personal information is treated confidentially and stored securely.

  • We'll calculate your savings and email you the results.  

To  switch 

  • If you like the numbers we've sent, simply accept our offer and pay the enclosed invoice. 
    (If not, you're under no obligation, and thank you for considering our broking service).

  • The next day we set the wheels in motion and your new energy retailer will call you with you within a week.