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  • INCREASED Savings/Profits

  • INCREASED Comfort

  • REDUCED Energy Use

  • INFORMED Decision Making

  • FASTER Return on Energy Saving Investments

  • PEACE of MIND  


WHAT we do

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Energy Audit

High-quality audit & report for small business and homes.

  • bills, appliances/plant,

  • structure,

  • consumption

All to exacting AS/NZ standards, delivering tangible savings and increased comfort ...

Tailored & Local

Report with est costs, savings & ROI

passive 8 star off grid house

Building energy performance

Building or renovating with a volume builder or going it alone?  We walk the talk ...

Demonstrated solutions

Product & Supplier Selection

Energy Ratings (NaTHERS)

Passive Building Advice

Plan Review

Architectural & other Referrals 

Clarendon local south australian service

Energy Advisory service

We are proudly local and offer a range of complementary energy saving services ...

Better Energy Deals

Product Selection Advice

Off-grid living & building

Thermal Imaging
Remediation Services

Free Energy Saving Products


Energy Audit Summary

On average, our audits are finding total est. savings of around  40%.

That's $1,600 a year on a bill of  $1000 a quarter

AND a giant

   $8,000 in five years


Audits are ideal for those embarking on an energy-saving journey saving you valuable time and money,  removing confusion and improving returns on costly investments such as solar, batteries and homes.


Whether you're buying, building or staying where you are, 

reducing the amount of energy you use just makes good sense. 

We're here to make your energy savings easy - simple as that!


Dr Brad Wilson, Balhanna

Energy Savings Made Easy provided an extremely professional and informative service.

I was frustrated with the extent of my electricity bill and was wasting my valuable time looking for ways to reduce it.  E I was particularly impressed by the amount of useful information contained in the report. Thermal Imaging allowed me to visualise where energy was being lost and the appliance suggestions have helped me to make informed choices that will continue to reduce my energy bills.   I realised a return on my investment immediately through your assistance brokering a better energy deal with my energy provider.

I  highly recommend Energy Savings Made Easy and Kathy's professional services. 

Di Neil, Clarendon

I have used and found Kathy's energy saving services to be excellent.

Maritta Hawkins, Netherby

Kathy's advice reduced my energy bill by 28%. 

A fabulous value for money service indeed.

Neil Hoskins, Craigburn Farm

You have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to energy saving. 

Great advice.